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You are relocating to the Netherlands

Deciding to take the offer to come and live in the Netherlands has undoubtedly not come without consequences; packing up the house, handing in your resignation, selling your car, bringing your pet, leaving friends and family are tough things to do. It is a stressful time, but most of all an exciting one. ‘Holland here we come!’

Cultural adaptation - trick of the trade...

... the plane has landed, you receive the keys of your new home - another endless list of things to arrange. Only this time you don’t speak the language and don’t know where to turn. Situations don’t turn out as expected, and you haven’t the faintest idea what you did wrong - why do these Dutchies react so strange ...
The differences in the way you think, feel and act are learned behavior. Just like the Dutch, they just happen to be different. In our Cross Cultural Training you will learn why situations don’t play out as you expected and we practice how to effectively deal with it. You will be able to function with confidence and ease amongst the Dutch. Your expatriation has the potential to become the life-enriching experience it should be! - We would love to lead you there.

For whom?

The training is specially made for non-Dutch knowledgeworkers/employees and his/her spouse. Regardless of where you previously lived or nationality, as each posting brings new challenges. Since we work in groups of no more then 8 people we can adapt to your specific needs. Preferably register within 3 month of arriving in the Netherlands. The training will be conducted in English.