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Misha Benschop
Misha Benschop

Experienced Expat (12 yrs), trainer, coach and entrepreneur.

I was born in the Netherlands and raised by my Czechoslovakian mother and Dutch father. Vacations with my grandparents, in what was then a communistic country, were quite exciting. And after hearing my parents reminiscing about their student years in Canada, it is no surprise I wanted to do some exploring myself.

... and so I did. After finishing high-school in the Netherlands, I went to Alabama, USA as an exchange student. 4 years later I graduated with a BA in Facility Management, including an internship of 6 months in Winnipeg, Canada. I then met a Frenchmen whom I married and he accepted a promotion in Calcutta. We then continued on to Singapore and Switzerland. After 10 years I was back in the Netherlands, 2 children and an unbeatable experience richer.

I know what a change of environment can do to a person. I stumbled a lot, but got up every time, grew and got stronger finding my way in these foreign surroundings.
At times it was an exciting, sometimes frustrating but mostly a very inefficient way of getting things done.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience so you can benefit from it.
Make your life as an expat the years you will cherish forever!