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Knowledge, understanding and skills strengthen each other in this training. We empower you to deal with cultural differences and the psychological consequences of a major change in your life. There will be no more then 8 participants, this facilitates interaction and the focus on the issues that are important to you. 
An optimal learning environment is created by;

1. Theoretical knowledge

Several factors that are affected by an international move are discussed using social psychology.
Cultures are distinct in their norms and values but they can be grouped according to 5 Dimensies.
Based on research by Geert Hofstede, we will discuss these. Prof. Hofstede is an international renowned figure in intercultural arena.
The 5 Dimensions are then illustrated through insight in Dutch history, politics and customs.

2. Understanding

Once knowledge is linked to one’s own experience one will understand it. Every delegate will experience how and where his/her own culture differs from the Dutch one. By creating this insight you will be able to recognize and prevent cultural conflict. By working with only 4-6 delegates it is possible to adjusted content to suit personal situations.

3. Skills

New skills will be practiced in order to deal with situations that occur in a typical day in the Netherlands.
Personal goals will be set and may serve to guide you after the training has come to an end.


After the training you will understand what factors are involved during a foreign posting. You will understand how much of your identity consists of learned norms and values. In your daily dealings you will be able to see a ‘cultural conflict’ arising and know how to handle them effectively. The way has been paved for a new experience from which you can learn and grow.